What Are Vapor Coupons?

With Ecigs gaining massive popularity in recent years, many companies are now engaging in the manufacture of these revolutionary gadgets. To have an upper edge in the market, companies have come up with all manner of marketing strategies to boost their sales. An issue of a direct vapor coupon happens to be one of them.

What is a direct vapor coupon?

This is a price discount offered to customers who purchase electronic cigarettes. This promotion may be in the form of a price cut or a promotion code which one can redeem at an Ecig store.

How can one get a coupon?

Since coupons are issued out as a promotion strategy, it is a matter of luck. As a customer, you might get one as you shop for your favorite Ecig at your local store. Companies usually give out coupons at specific times of the year and especially during festive seasons. Be on the lookout at such times to stand a chance of landing this awesome price discounts.

Important tips about coupons

Coupons are very specific when it comes to the brand, quantity and even time of redemption. Once one is awarded a coupon, you can only redeem the particular brand specified. In terms of quantity, the coupon only applies to the specified number of items. A coupon in the form of a price discount will apply according to the percentage specified.

Coupons have an expiry date. Bearing this in mind, you have to redeem them within the specified period otherwise they will end up being irrelevant upon expiry. Always check if the coupon is specific to particular stores.

Checking the authenticity of a vapor coupon

Reputable Ecig companies give out coupons but fraudster at times mimic them to earn an extra buck. You should never pay to get a coupon as they are given out for free by a company as a way of promoting the use of the company vaping products. A genuine coupon is normally issued by certified company staff and will usually have a stamp from the company.

In case the coupon comes as a result of an online purchase, be careful and do not give out personal information such as your credit card pin. This is not necessary and if one has an issue, feel free to consult the company issuing the coupons. Coupons are just what a frequent vaping fan needs to help them save on costs. Always be on the lookout and if you happen to get one redeem it as fast as possible and enjoy your Vaping.

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